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  1. How many presentations need to be filmed and edited?  E.G 4 sessions each one hour long

  2. What is your prefered format of presentation.

  3. How many cameras do you want to be filming the session. E.G 2 cameras for the main break-out room and 1 camera for the break-out sessions?

  4. Do you require lighting for any of the sessions?

    NOTE: Normally this is taken care of by the AV company but we can supply basic spot lights for filming if necessary

  5. Is audio being provided for all the rooms or do you require us to provide any audio equipment?

    NOTE: Normally this is taken care of by the AV company but we can supply basic audio kit if this is required

  6. Do you want a live webcast? If so, how many people will be on the live webcast?

  7. Would you want the live webcast to be branded with your own branding or would you want a free version broadcast via a third party.  (NOTE: Creating your own branded version is an additional cost)

  8. Do you have filming location / venue arranged?

  9. Do you have a deadline for all the presentations to be edited and uploaded by after the event?

  10. Do you have a budget in mind (NOTE: Please don’t leave this out as this effects how we quote for your job and the amount you put here does not necessarily mean we will create a quote for this amount – if we think you can do it for less we will provide a quote with options of doing it for less but offer ways that production standards can be improved if we think it would support your project.  It also allows us to gage early on if you have the necessary budget to fulfil your needs and if we can’t do it we maybe able to recommend something for you?)