Who We Are

ComeAlive Media Ltd is a small team of talent who work in specific areas of video production and our expertise is in delivering professional video, adding a creative spark, as well as having an excellent understanding of marketing and sales so that your VIDEOS Connect and Influence Your Audience into action..

How We Work

Cutting Edge Videos Produced With A Simple & Impactful 4 Step Formula


We refuse to start any project without a clear outcome or result that you want to create from your video. Doing this vigilantly allows us to plan and create a better overall result avoiding unnecessary pain and frustration whilst delivering something that quite often exceeds what you first expected.


So this is all about lights, camera and action. This is the process of actually filming your video with full HD pro cameras. That’s right – with a TV background we don’t EVER cut corners.


This is often the longest process; so you’re happy, but is necessary to make your video look polished and professional. We take the time to ensure it ticks all the boxes highlighted in the pre-production phase, so your happy and most importantly it gets you the results you want it to.


Once your video is complete and it ticks all your boxes then it’s time for it to be placed in front of your audience. We will make sure it is up and online wherever you want it whether that is YouTube, Vimeo, an FTP site, or if you have one of our distribution arrangements we’ll makes sure it gets the views it deserves.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.


Meet The Team

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”


  • Ben Butt
    Ben Butt Founder / Director / Producer
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    Ben has over 12 years of experience in the media industry, 6 of them working in TV as a cameraman / editor on documentary titles for big bands like the Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga. He then became fascinated with surfing after travelling and pursued a career in the surf industry, which started as him working as a cameraman / editor at a large scale Extreme Sports Festival broadcast on Channel 4. His skills and knowledge evolved onto a role as a TV Producer / Director / Editor for iEX TV, an extreme sports News Programme. He was responsible for leading a team of 5 and creating over 150 hours of Programming broadcast in 3 languages on Deutche Welle and Sky Sports.

    For the next 6 years he became a freelance director/ cameraman filming over 60 live events as well as pursuing an ongoing interest in video marketing and working with a number of SME’s with their media and online content creation and distribution.

    Now combining his creative TV talent, his live event experience and interest in online marketing he is able to bring a broad set of technical skills, creativity and marketing knowledge to any event or business. Some of the areas have included Health and Wellness, Digital Media, Fitness, Yoga, Finance, Coaching, Consultant and a number of other Expert industries.

  • Liliya Yovcheva
    Liliya Yovcheva Photographer / Videographer
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    Liliya is predominately a stills photographer and a cinematographer that approaches her projects with an artistic eye and the aim to produce atmospheric and characteristic pieces.

    Qualified with an MRes degree in Arts and Cultural Research, a first class honours degree in BA Media Arts and a Diploma in Cinematography and Film Directing, she possesses academic knowledge in the arts and cultural sector, as well as a range of intra-transferable skills within the contemporary media. She is also a conceptual artist in the field of visual art and performance.

  • Chris Ball
    Chris Ball Online Marketing Strategies
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    Chris Ball has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing and has been active in developing online marketing strategies for almost 20 years.

    His expertise include lead capture systems, copywriting, pay-per-click advertising, web development, video marketing and integrated marketing strategies.

What We Do

There are 3 Industry sectors that we specialise in.
If you fit into one of them then chances are we can help.

01 / Filming Your Events and Conferences

With over 10 years experience you are in good hands. Events whether in sports, corporate conferences, business training, training days – these are all important to capture. We provide professional camera crews / videographers but more importantly our marketing savvy will help you to leverage your media more. We love live events because we get to bring all our experience of marketing your event too.

02 / Video Marketing Campaigns For Businesses

Every business needs to market their product or service. You have a lot to offer and you can build great relationships and trust with your clients using video. With some help you can find ways of attracting visitors to your website and then use video as a way to share your expertise, knowledge and experience. People don’t buy services straight away anymore, they like to know who they are buying from and are they the real deal.

03 / Video Training Days

If you know that video is an important new step in your business but don’t know where to start. Video training days might be the place. Or maybe you are terrified of cameras and have no clue how to present. Or maybe you are scared of the technical aspect or you don’t want to do any editing – OVERLOAD. Video Training Days are the answer, they are here to help you get over the starting phase and give you the confidence or launch pad you need to get started.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”


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