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  1. Sum up in once sentence what this video is about. I.e. ‘A video introducing our company, with interviews and shots of the event’, or ‘Memoriabilia from our Awards Show for all the winners.’ etc…

  2. What is the purpose of the video? What do you want the viewer to take away after watching it, i.e. you want them to come to the event this year OR you want clients to see how beneficial your event is to them OR you want to attract new sponsors to your event next year.

  3. If you had 3 words that would best describe the feel of the video – what would they be. (E.G Fun, adventurous and educational)

  4. What do you want the viewer to do? Which call to action would you like to include? I.e. do you want the viewer to call you, email you, go to your website, buy something, etc…?

  5. Who will watch this video? Who is your target audience?

  6. Where will people see the video? On your blog, website, YouTube, etc… Do you require it to be in hard copy format, or just online or for TV?

  7. Describe how you see this video, which elements does it have? I.e. An interview-led narrative, voice over, a presenter, what type of b-roll footage, an animated logo intro and outro, motion graphics or motion text, screen capture, etc …

  8. Do you have a particular style in mind, which other videos are similar that you like?

  9. Where applicable, do you have filming locations in mind?

  10. Do you have a finished (after editing) length in mind?

  11. What about music?

  12. Do you have a deadline?

  13. Do you have a budget in mind (NOTE: Please don’t leave this out as this effects how we quote for your job and the amount you put here does not necessarily mean we will create a quote for this amount – if we think you can do it for less we will provide a quote with options of doing it for less but offer ways that production standards can be improved if we think it would support your project. It also allows us to gage early on if you have the necessary budget to fulfil your needs and if we can’t do it we maybe able to recommend something for you?)